Paperwork has never been so much fun!

Nerjit Dohl with a kirigami design
Nerjit Dohl with a kirigami design

EVERYBODY’S heard of origami - but what about kirigami?

In case you don’t know, it’s all about making artwork by cutting paper as well as folding it.

And if you want to see just how creative this fascinating art form can be, you should head to The World of Glass.

Kirigami is strongly featured by Nerjit Dohl in the new free exhibition Elements.

Along with textiles and fabrics it’s one of the new areas she’s recently started exploring since leaving her job as one of The World of Glass resident glass artists.

“I’ve carried the ideas and designs I developed while working in glass into these new areas,” Nerjit said.

“I also use a technique called quilling - rolling and shaping strips of paper - but instead of creating flat designs, I make them in 3D.”

Now an activities organiser for The Pilkington Family Trust, Nerjit’s artistic work is no longer dictated by financial or job requirements.

And her new job has also led Nerjit to revive her interest in millinery.

“My mother was a machinist and I’ve always been into sewing. When I couldn’t find clothes to fit my size I started making my own.

“My job now involves working with some Pilkington pensioners who are keen on quilting. And that has reminded me how much I loved textiles so I’m now creating all kinds of pieces, from little hats and fascinators to Alice bands, combs and slides.”

And, for Nerjit, there could hardly be a better place for her exhibition. She met her husband, Mark, at The World of Glass, where he’s the buildings and maintenance supervisor, and they now have a six-month-old boy.

Elements runs at The World of Glass until January 15.