Pamela’s thrifty theatre

Thrifty playwright Pamela Wright
Thrifty playwright Pamela Wright

A RAINHILL playwright has produced a television play - on a shoestring budget of £75!

Much of Pamela Taylor’s The Green Dress was shot on location in St Helens and is set to be screened on Channel 4 and a number of film festivals.

The company were able to stretch their incredibly tight budget by borrowing most of the props and set as convicing the acting cast to work for free.

Pamela said: “I decided to write The Green Dress in August last year after I’d been asked to act in a film being made by Dreamcatcher Films, Carl Brandwood and Peter Axford.

“The pair have made many documentaries, nature films, most of which have won awards for them and I could see that we would all complement each other with our creative talents.

“So in November I started to put things into place. We all knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Firstly it was an ambitious film to undertake and secondly we had no budget to fund it so everything would have to be borrowed and loaned.

“Luckily through, through everyone’s generosity we estimate the whole film’s outlay to date is around £75.00. A little less than most films cost to make.”

Actors in the film from Pam’s own film company. Catlin Baxter, a talented eight year old from Chester, was cast in the lead role of Eve. No stranger to professional films, she has also just completed a national TV advert.

Locations used in the film include St John’s Church in Ravenhead and Bedford Fabrics in St Helens.

Pam added: “The Green Dress is a period piece which starting in 1975 so I contacted Kelly and Co estate agents and they helped me find our first setting.

“Bedford Fabrics in St Helens were equally as helpful as we needed to film the dress beginning its life.

Then the film is taken back to the 1940s so it was off to Great Budworth a fabulous village that’s untouched and is like stepping back in time.

“With an Austin 7 vintage car in place, the ladies in period dress and a few uniformed soldiers the set was ready. On Saturday we filmed the last scene in St John’s Church in Ravenhead and we all sighed as we saw the film draw to a close.”