Neil’s a sharp dressed fan

Music writer Neil Daniels
Music writer Neil Daniels

Prolific music writer Neil Daniels (pictured, above)has penned his latest tome - a detailed biographer of bearded rock leviathans ZZ Top.

Neil, who by day works as a librarian at Sutton Academy, created Beers Drinkers and Hell Raisers: A ZZ Top Guide as an encyclopedic account of the band’s history.

“There are surprisingly few books about ZZ Top considering what a huge band they are,” said Neil.

“What fans get here is a history of the band from their pre-ZZ Top outfits through to the present day, along with analysis of their albums, gigs and videos.

“There are some rare photos and trivial.”

Neil has penned dozens of books on rock and metal music. His ZZ Top biography is available now from Amazon.