Grin ‘n’ bare it

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BOSSES at the Theatre Royal are to put on a stage spectacular of the hit musical, The Full Monty.

It’s the first time the award-winning show, which was turned into a blockbusting film starring Robert Carlyle, has been performed in St Helens.

Written by four-time Tony Award winner Terrence McNally and David Yazbek, tells the funny and touching story of six unemployed steelworkers.

Six average guys, of a variety of shapes, ages and sizes, and from very different backgrounds, set out to earn some respect and a few extra bob by stripping as a last way out.

When a local male strip show proves a hit with the town’s ladies, this group of unemployed steelworkers reckon they can cash in big time if they go the ‘Full Monty’.

With brilliant original music, a hilarious script and more flesh on stage than you can shake a stick at, this promises to be a great night out.

* The Full Monty is at the Theatre Royal from May 22 to 26. For tickets or more details call 01744 756000