Emmet's giveaway

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ST Helens dance masters Emmet have released their second album in six months – but this time they're giving the record away.

The band – Ant Fildes, Graeme Jones and Sheldon Southworth – recorded 3.0 as a treat for fans.

And the record, which contains live material plus new tracks, has helped secure Emmet a following far beyond their hometown.

Sheldon joked: "We've sent out copies to people all over the world, including Australia and Argentina. We can legimately say we're big in Buenos Aires – which is a great place to be big."

3.0 is available free to fans via Emmet's website, www.emmetonline.co.uk.

Closer to home, the band have recently been asked to revamp Saints theme music.

The lads have given the traditional theme tune a thoroughly modern reworking. The track is played before Saints home games, and is already proving popular with fans.

Sheldon added: "Someone thought the theme song should be a bit more up to date and Glenn Hunt, who does the on-field announcements, suggested us to the club.

"We're really pleased with the outcome. Some people have even suggested we release it as a single."

Emmet grew out of the now-defunct rock act Korova and have quickly cemented a deserved reputation as live entertainers par excellence.


They gained wide-spread acclaim for their alter-ego band Moped – a lighted-hearted pop at cheesy European dance bands.

Moped even attracted a celebrity following with Radio One DJ Chris Moyles inviting them on his show. Moped's finest hour, however, came when they performed a 'tribute' to Fatboy Boy Slim, in front of the man himself.

For further information on Emmet, visit their website at www.emmetonline.co.uk.