Eighteen chippies walk away with gold award

Frydays, Robins Lane
Frydays, Robins Lane
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There’s nowt like a chippy tea ... and the ultimate slap-up meal is now even more lip-smackingly delicious here in St Helens, environmental health officials say.

They report takeaways in our town are ‘frying’ high after 18 establishments earned themselves a Gold Chip Fryer award.

The awards are handed out in recognition of exceptionally high standards of food preparation and a commitment to producing a better tasting, but altogether healthier chip.

To be recognised, chippies must serve up chips which pass the taste test while absorbing up to 40 per cent less fat than a normal chip.

Six of our local chippies have exceeded that standard, earning themselves a platinum award.

All takeaways in the borough are welcome to apply for the award – and should contact the Environmental Health department on 01744 676338.

The full list of platinum and gold winners are:

Current Platinum Chip Fryer Award Holders:

Frydays, Robins Lane

Crispy Cod, Kenyons Lane South

Blackbrook Supper Bar, Blackbrook Road

Haydock Supper Bar, West End Road

Rainhill Fish Bar, Warrington Road

Crisp E Cod, Hoghton Road

Gold Chip Fryer Award Holders:

Newtown Fryer, Cambridge Road

The Town Fryer, Hall Street

The Cod Father, Hard Lane Chip Pan, Station Road, Garswood

Crispy Cod, Knowsley Road Chipmunk, Boundary Road

George’s Plaice, Westfield Street

Chipmunk, Thatto Heath Road

Ackies, Leach Lane

Tasty Corner, Greenfield Road

North Road Chipp, North Road

Billinge Supper Bar, Main Street