Dave Twentyman: Why do telly on the cheap?

Anthony Worrall Thompson.
Anthony Worrall Thompson.

THERE’S been a few mad bits in the news this week that’s caught my attention. I do enjoy a bit of ‘Ready Steady Cook’ but I think they need to up the shopping budget a bit as it seems to be putting a bit of unnecessary pressure on certain contestants to keep it under a fiver.

Meryl Streep has been receiving much acclaim for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in the film ‘The Iron Lady’.

It’s been reported that the film is doing much better in the South than it is in the North.

That’s not much of a surprise is it? It’s a bit like showing Saints ‘One Hundred Greatest Try’s’ at a cinema in Wigan.

I’ve not seen the Iron Lady yet, but I’ve heard it’s not as good as the first two Iron Man films’.

While I’m on the subject of history, I’ve been trying to teach my little girl about history and geography on my iPad. The very basics obviously.

Not because I don’t think she wouldn’t take it in but because I know very little myself.

The other night I was trying to explain World War Two and how the naughty Germans took over most of Europe.

It was incredibly difficult trying to articulate it to a five year old how evil Hitler was. Well...er...you know the diesels on Thomas The Tank Engine?

The story of the week for me though is the one about the bloke who went out to buy his missus a used Porshe with the money they’d saved long and hard for. Instead he come back with an old fighter jet instead.

What a selfish idiot. I went looking for a second hand car last year, I don’t recall seeing any MiG 15 fighter jets on the forecourts. He clearly left the house with the intention of buying one.

And what was his wife thinking? My missus doesn’t even trust me to do the big shop on my own. She knows that I’d mess it up. Letting your fella go out with seven grand in his pocket is asking for trouble.

If I pulled a stunt like that then the nookie ship would be pulling out of the Twentyman port forever.

On a practical note, he’s going to struggle for parts too. I can’t see Halfords stocking them.