Dave Twentyman: Snow joke!

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DRIVING over the Pennines last week, I couldn’t believe how much snow was coming down, it was like I’d suddenly driven through the back of a wardrobe.

The weather was so bad I pulled off the motorway into a services. I couldn’t help noticing an array of adult material on the top shelf of the magazines shelf.

I’m glad I didn’t have my kids with me as obviously you try to shield them from things like that.

However it got me thinking, who buys this material? With the internet I’m amazed they still get sales.

I can only imagine the blokes that do buy these magazines are the type that won’t buy a kindle as they prefer the feel of the paper between their fingers.

Mind you, they might just have an awful broadband connection. Reminiscent of the old Spectrum computers from the 80’s, where you’d start loading the tape, go downstairs for your tea and by the time you came back up the picture had finally loaded up.

Anyway, there was severe weather warnings in Wigan. Hopefully the locals were warned under absolutely no circumstances to lick any railings.

I quite enjoy this weather, it’s cosy, sat indoors watching a bit of telly. We was doing this the other week in my mother-in-law’s.

My son was sat on my knee getting excited about seeing an octopus on the telly. Like kids do he then starts asking me tons of questions about octopuses only for my mother in law to chip in with “And they have testicles too”. Sigh, tentacles, Eunice ... you mean tentacles.

The Super League season as finally started, and what a great opening win for Saints.

I was interested to read the Super League preview and many pundits believe Saints to be favourites this season.

In the preview, Jonny Lomax was highlighted has our ‘one to watch’. They did the same with every team, apart from Widnes ... you just know you’re going to have a tough season when a seasoned pundit picks your artificial pitch as the one to watch.

We love you, Ray French!