Dave Twentyman: My contribution to the Arab spring

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IT seems to be kicking off in a few places at the moment. Syria, Greece and the place I was in last week, Egypt.

There was signs of the tensions last week on my birthday, when I was absolutely bladdered at four in the morning and I was riding a plastic,kids tricycle on the streets of Sharm el Sheikh only for a soldier to storm over.

I tried to explain that I was just trying to ride back to the hotel, but the way he was shouting and waving his machine gun about I thought it would be best to get off the tricycle and get a real taxi instead.

I do like the Egyptians but the men are not half hypocritical. They are fiercely protective of their own yet their eyes are out on stalks when they’re looking at the British ladies.

I was with Natalie, who’s a Kylie Minogue tribute act. And the men were openly saying “pwoaah, you are beautiful”. I couldn’t resist leaning in saying “I know lads, you’d never guess that she used to be a bloke, would ya”?

I do enjoy it out there though and it feels good to be part of the entertainment. I was watching a ‘rock’ show over there, were the entertainment team sung all the rock anthems from the past twenty years.

Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin On A Prayer’ got a great response, which was no surprise. That song pretty much made his name.

It got me thinking though, if Bon Jovi was British he would never have been able to write that famous song, it would have ended up like this instead “Toooommmmyy ussseddd tttoooo www woorrkk ooonnn tttheee dddooccckks.......but then the Tories shut it”.

* A CHANGE of subject now but I couldn’t help commenting on the story involving the fella stripping down and crawling across the ice to save his dog.

The fella has been slaughtered for it, and rightly so in my opinion because them boxer shorts he’s got on are dreadful. They surely have to be Sunday boxers, if they are then I forgive him.

* AND just to finish, there’s a feature on the BBC website about the popularity of the use of braille. It’s being used on almost everything now yet the number of people who can actually read it as shot down due to the boom in technology.

They have gone a bit silly with it though, even using it on drive-thru cash machines, who for, the blind driver? What next, signs that say ‘Wet Paint’, ‘Hot Surface, ‘High Voltage’.