Dave Twentyman - Gas tower won’t be mourned

The Jackson Street Gasometer will be demolished next year
The Jackson Street Gasometer will be demolished next year

THEY’RE going to knock down the old gas tower on Jackson Street.

But I’m not sure people are going to be too bothered about it, I know I’m not.

It’s a scar on our beautiful, picturesque landscape isn’t it? It really does block the views of the waterfalls and the wild running horses.

They wanted to demolish it in summer but were thwarted by some nesting Peregrine Falcons.

The RSPB and police wildlife officers apparently built them a new nesting platform a mile away like some witness protection programme.

I had no idea we even had police wildlife officers in St Helens. Surely it must be just one bloke? I bet they’ve not even given him a desk.

I’d love to ring him, “Alright mate, I’m ringing up about these squirrels at Taylor Park, they’re acting a bit suspiciously....they’re canoeing”!

Talking of wildlife, hats off to Rachel Pilling at Knowsley Safari Park who’s taking a antelope calf home to look after it.

The poor thing has been disowned by it’s mum. I hope Rachel doesn’t live with her parents because I did something similar as a kid when I brought the class hamster home and they weren’t happy.

Bringing an antelope home is a bit different.

I don’t know anything about antelopes ... will it kip in the kitchen or outside and what are they like with postmen?

If I had to look after an antelope it would be going back to Knowsley Safari Park with a few bad habits.

For a start it wouldn’t be integrating with the others very well. It’d be too busy sitting at the corner of the stable with a magners, texting its mates and messing about on Facebook.

Apparently there’s three more female antelope heading up from Winchester to join the posse at Knowsley Safari Park.

When I say heading up I don’t mean on a National Express coach. All three are pregnant too ... sounds like another episode of Trisha.