Choose your footballing allegiances carefully...

IT’S my little girl’s fifth birthday at the end of the month.

She wants me to buy her a football kit. When it comes to rugby league she has no choice. She’s a Saint and that’s that.

However, she has a very important decision to make regarding the football and this decision will affect her future happiness in a sporting nature.

She has to pick a football team. I’m going to let her pick between Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United and Wigan. Realistically, I’m not going to let her pick Wigan otherwise social services will be on my back and rightfully so.

A comic friend of mine, Phil Chapman, was telling me about a time he was walking out of Goodison Park a few years ago after watching Everton crash out the FA Cup to lowly Oldham Athletic.

People were obviously annoyed and gutted but he witnessed a sight which is a reminder of how important this decision is.

A dad was walking along with his very young son who was in floods of tears. His dad, clearly a long-suffering Everton supporter sternly told him in his broad scouse accent: “Get used to it lad, you’re an Evertonian for life.”