Opportunities for jobseekers in St Helens labour market

A Jobcentre Plus
A Jobcentre Plus

Jobs bosses have reacted with optimism to the employment picture in St Helens as the latest national labour market figures are released.

The Jobcentre Plus said the picture in the town was extremely positive with a varied range of opportunities available for those entering the workplace.

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Local claimant counts are now only being sent out every three months due to the full roll-out of Universal Credit but the national statistics show the UK has a joint-record employment rate of 75.8 per cent with wages again outpacing inflation.

Unemployment in the North West stands at 3.9 per cent.

The Jobcentre Plus said the strongest demand for jobs in St Helens and surrounding areas is in warehousing and logistics and the care sector.

The organisation is also looking to fill construction roles at the warehouses being built in Haydock as well as working with the firms which will be based there once they are operational.

Contrary to the doom and gloom surrounding the high street, Jobcentre Plus staff are also working with well-known shopping venues at a St Helens retail park looking for new staff.

Clive Morris from the Department for Work and Pensions said: "There is a lot of expansion going on in Haydock at the moment and we look to begin staffing discussions with firms as soon as we know they will be opening so people looking for work in St Helens know about it.

"Retail openings are also there. They are not in huge numbers but it goes against what we hear all the time, that there are no opportunities in retail."

Ministers hailed the current unemployment rate of four per cent.

However, the employment figures have recently been criticised after it was revealed that someone working as little as an hour a week could be classed as in a job.