Hundreds of Matalan warehouse workers strike in pay dispute after talks fail

Matalan staff have gone on strike
Matalan staff have gone on strike

Hundreds of employees at a Matalan warehouse have walked out in a two-day strike as part of a pay dispute.

Around 500 staff at the clothing retailer's Knowsley premises have downed tools after the company's latest offer was rejected.

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Talks with the GMB union and arbitration service Acas broke down late last week, with the trade union walking out of discussions claiming the firm would do nothing more than rehash a pay offer already deemed insufficient.

The strike is now scheduled to last until 6am on Wednesday October 2.

Neil Holden, GMB Senior Organiser, said: “The talks we held were completely pointless. All Matalan bosses wanted to do was tweak their last offer and present it as an improvement. In reality, it had no additional value at all.

“They seemed more interested in crowing about much our members were losing whilst out on strike, which was frankly insulting.

“Matalan says the strike is not affecting them - but today they forced head office staff to leave their desks and walk onto the shop floor to try cover the backlog of work.

“Matalan bosses need to get serious about trying to bring this dispute to an amicable close and to start negotiating. Wasting hours of dispute resolution time by trying to point score with no intention to settle the dispute is just hardening our members’ resolve.”