Flower power is back!

A NEWTON art gallery is helping revive the spirit of flower power.

Thursday, 3rd August 2006, 11:20 am

Steve Cunliffe, 47, is exhibiting a collection of 20 paintings, named after the 1960s hippy movement, at Newton-le-Willows' Mood Art gallery for the next month.

The artist – who, just like Monet – has drawn inspiration from his own specifically planted back garden, has been working on the artwork since 2003 and says he is pleased to be able to at last find an outlet for his work.

Steve, a member of Wigan's OK Studios, who has a degree and a masters degree in fine art, said: "It is something people can just hang on their wall. It's not abstracted, it's very accessible.

"I enjoy the process of creating art, I want it to look like it has been hand made.

"I am driven to doing it and hopefully I am doing something that's honest and shows effort and concern.

"It's not a political process, it's trying to make something that's an anonymous subject."

Steve, of Fern Close, Shevington, near Wigan, who describes himself as a "house husband" to wife Charlotte, a nurse at Wigan Infirmary, says he doesn't make a living from his art.

"I am lucky as my wife is very supportive," he added.

"It isn't really a hobby of mine, because I suppose it's a full time thing in a way but I wouldn't describe myself as an artist, more of a painter."

Steve said he completed his Flower Power collection at the same time as working on more conceptual art.

"One drives the other," he said. "I work on one study until I tire of it, then I switch to the other, which gives me focus again.

"It's like any job, you want to do it until you are satisfied. If I was a golfer, and I had a bad round, then I wouldn't be happy, it's a bit like that I suppose."

Mood Art is situated on Church Street, Newton-le-Willows. The exhibition is on until the end of August.