Peter’s dream is finally coming true thanks to a friendly ogre

A teacher-turned author is about to fulfill a lifelong dream when he publishes his first book.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 9:53 am
Updated Friday, 12th March 2021, 9:56 am
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson

Dad-of-two Peter Johnson, who was born in Billinge has been writing a story called BOG ... The Ogre in the Cellar over the past few months.

Now he is in the closing stages of formatting his book and sending it to print.

The story is a children’s picture book and is set in a school in which Peter trained to teach, in Kent.

It is written in rhyming verse and is about a boy whose curiosity gets the better of him - and he goes in search of an elusive monster that apparently lives in the school cellar.

Peter, 39, a Year Three teacher at Church Road Primary School, in Bolton, who has taught for nine years, said: “He believes no one should be alone, no matter how different they are.

“The story touches on inclusiveness and ends with Jacob befriending Bog.

“It is a proper feel good story and I have had such positive feedback from the classes it has been read to. It is suitable for ages four to eight years.”

And Peter, now living in Leigh with wife Rachel and their two sons, Ethan, eight, and James, one, wants to take on writing full-time.

He said: “My dream has always been to write for children and it looks like it might actually becoming true.

“My aim would be to take on writing full-time so I can produce even more stories for wonderful, little minds.

“I also have three other books in the making, one which will be ready very soon.

“It is the story of the Manchester bee. A book for all ages.”

Bog the Ogre is to be released on March 15 backed by a big advertising and promotional campaign.

Peter said: “This is how passionate I am about making this work.

“I have poured my heart and soul into this and a lot of my money because self-published authors that make it are few and far between.

“I want to be in that small percentage that actually make a career out of it.”

He added: “Part of the money made from this book will be donated to Action for Children in the hope it might help bring some children out of poverty.”

For more information, you can visit Peter’s website

People can also find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching for @pajthewriter.