Plan to scrap under 20s is ‘mind blowing’ - Rush

Saints' caretaker coach Mike Rush.
Saints' caretaker coach Mike Rush.

MIKE Rush claims a generation of talented young rugby players could be lost if the under 20s set up is scrapped.

Saints’ caretaker coach said plans to replace the under 20s competition with a loan scheme to championship clubs was “mind blowing”.

He said: “There is going to be a lot of upset kids. Personally, I don’t understand the logic in removing one of the three tiers of development. We will just end up with an under 19s team and a first team.

“At Saints, we like to think we’re good at developing young players. But I’m not sure getting rid of the under 20s is the way forward - it’s not fair on the championship players either.

“I think we’ll end up going back to the under 20s system in the future but, by then, we could have lost a generation of kids.”

He added: “I love watching our under 20s. It’s a privilege working with these kids and to see some of them make it is fantastic.

“We’ve got some outstanding youngsters coming through at the moment and I’m worried all this could affect them.”