YOUR LETTERS: Stadium praise

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CONGRATULATIONS to Eamonn McManus and all concerned with the new stadium.

The large concourse within the stadium, housing player profiles, photographers, artwork and themed bars, is a trip worth taking around the ground again and again.

The invitation to possibly the greatest winger in rugby league history to lead the team out against Salford on match day is apprroriate. For those of us a certain age, the sun rose and set on Tom van Vollenhoven.

Kevin Dunn,

Meade Close,

Rainhill Stoops.

Helping out with energy bills

I AM emailing in response to the letter published (Letters, January 25) entitled ‘Cut energy bills to save businesses’ by Mr H Bradbury of Loughrigg Avenue, St Helens.

Mr Bradbury makes some valid points about people struggling to pay energy bills and having to ration their power or do without it all together if they are on prepayment meters.

St Helens Citizens Advice Bureau is one of 14 organisations in the UK and the only town to receive funding from the British Gas Energy Trust to help individuals and families in St Helens struggling with their energy bills.

Our free service enables client to apply to the Trust fund for a grant to clear their Gas and Electric arrears.

Successful applications to date total £6549.18 in grants for clearing arrears. Outstanding funeral expenses and essential household items can also be applied for and you do not need to be a British Gas customer to apply.

We are one of the leading organisations in the UK for submitting applications to the Trust fund and if we continue to meet our targets, we will receive more funding which will enable us to help even more people in St Helens.

Michael Egan (Money Advice and Energy Efficiency Advisor),

St Helens Citizens Advice Bureau.

Anger over complaint letter

I CANNOT describe how angry I am after reading Stan Roberts letter, (St Helens Reporter, January 18), complaining that he has waited two years for his front door to be painted.

You want to try having a mortgage. No one comes to paint my front door or provide me with a new kitchen, bathroom or double glazing, if I want any improvements or repairs to my home I have to organize it and pay the going rate.

Debra Hull,

West End Road,


The young paying for debt crisis

I AM writing to support the excellent letter from Pat Marsden in the St Helens Reporter last week headlined ‘Shock over Council Allowances’.

The New Labour government left the economy in a state of disarray twenty months ago as a result of reckless borrowing and disastrous PFI policies.

The country was close to bankruptcy, and who is paying for this failure? – the million young people without a job, the schools that will never be rebuilt, the hospitals struggling to repay PFI costs, the public sector workers who, if in a job, are being squeezed through a wage freeze and pension increases.

The Labour Group in power in the Town Hall have presided over the decline of St Helens for over twenty years, yet we see senior council officers and councillors protected from the financial pain being suffered by many of the people of the borough who pay their wages. The 48 councillors cost the council tax payers £540,279 – yes, over half a million – plus expenses each year, with the leader pocketing over £32,000. Ordinary people are sick and tired of footing the bill while our elected representatives sit on the gravy train.

Mike Perry,

Prescot Road,

St Helens.

Expenses are not the full story

PAT Marsden (Letters, January 18) is right to draw attention to the allowances received by our local councillors.

To be fair, those allowances are independently set, published annually and freely available on the council’s website. But this is only half of the story, because many councillors (nominated by, and belonging to, the ruling party) also represent St Helens on a range of authorities and other quangos for which they receive additional allowances which are not as easily identified. It’s no wonder apathy and cynicism reign in St Helens. The present system is dysfunctional, and the electorate either uninterested or disenchanted.

Francis Williams,

St Helens Green Party.