Woman injured after pudding explosion

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AN elderly woman was hospitalised with burns after a hot pudding exploded in her face.

Emergency crews were called to reports of a possible explosion on Belvedere Road, Newton-le-Willows, shortly before 8pm last Thursday evening (August 9).

A tin of chocolate pudding had ruptured after overheating in a pan, showering a woman in her 80s with boiling hot liquid.

Firefighters treated the casualty’s face using a burn shield and first aid dressings.

After being assessed by paramedics, she was then taken to Warrington Hospital for further treatment.

Newton-le-Willows Fire Station watch manager, Alan Moore, said: “This was a tin of pudding which cooks by putting it in boiling water.

“But the lady forgot it was heating up on the cooker and the water evaporated. I think she went to get it out of the pan and the lid exploded.

“Her face was covered with some of the hot chocolate. She could not see or open her eyes. We used a sheet with gel on, known as a burn shield, to treat her before paramedics arrived.

“We always advise that people should never leave cooking unattended.”

Firefighters remained at the scene until shortly before 9.30pm - after carrying out an investigation into the cause of the incident.