War of words over vehicle recovery fee

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A BURGLARY victim who was charged a £300 recovery fee after handing over her cars to help police gather forensic clues has denied claims that she did not provide enough proof of ownership documentation.

Katy Ashton, 25, eventually coughed up £150 for the return of her Honda Civic and Renault Laguna from a vehicle recovery centre in Liverpool.

Chief Insp Dave Pryce said: “Vehicles seized solely for forensic examination costs the victim nothing. But when the owner will not or cannot collect the vehicle with the necessary documentation yto prove ownership, it becomes their responsibility, and not the taxpayer.”

But Ms Ashton, of Windermere Place, Clinkham Wood, responded: “We were quoted a price before we even turned up and had all the relevant documents.”

A police spokesman subsequently confirmed that Ms Ashton DID provide the correct documentation.