Vets help solve missing cat mystery

The rescued car with' Freya, Hannah and auxilliary nurse Marie Doherty
The rescued car with' Freya, Hannah and auxilliary nurse Marie Doherty

A TINY microchip helped kind-hearted St Helens vets finally solve the mystery over the disappearance of a much-loved missing cat.

Stripes the cat was successfully reunited with his young owners - Freya and Hannah Finney - after Rutland House vets stumbled across him outside their Freckleton Road surgery.

Auxiliary nurse Marie Doherty said: “When locking up one evening, we noticed a friendly cat in our yard. He looked fit and healthy.

“But the next day he returned and was very vocal, looking for food. We scanned him and not only found that he had a chip, but that he was registered with our Haydock branch and had been chipped there as a kitten.

“We rang his owners, who confirmed the cat’s name and said he had been missing from his Blackbrook home for about a month.

“As Stripes is such a friendly, lovable character, his owners think he may have climbed into a car and travelled the three or four miles to Grange Park!

“No doubt, due to his outgoing nature, he may also have been looked after by someone else while he was missing. His owners report that Stripes is now doing well back at home. As yet, he’s not been on any further adventures though!”

Microchipping is a permanent method of identification and ensures that lost or stolen pets can be reunited with their owners.

It will soon become compulsory for all dogs living in England. Defra have set a deadline of April 2016 for owners to comply.

The microchip itself is a small capsule, around the size of a grain of rice, it carries the unique identification code for your pet, which can be scanned by vets, dog wardens and animal shelters.