Superhead tells parents school is moving forward

Rainford High's acting head Liz Nicholls
Rainford High's acting head Liz Nicholls

RAINFORD High’s acting head has written to parents following the resignation of several senior figures at the school.

Liz Nicolls sought to offer reassurance that pupils would not be affected by recent troubles.

It was revealed last week that principal Ruth Greenwood and her vice-principal Sam Wells had both resigned.

The pair were suspended earlier this year.

John Bromilow, the chair of the governors at the school, has also resigned.

Mrs Nicholls, who arrived at the school with a glowing repuation, said in the letter: “I would like to reassure you that the school is running effectively and is moving forwards.

“The education of our young people is, as always, our top priority and we are focused on doing everything possible to ensure that your children achieve their potential.”

She added: “The process of appointing a new principal is progressing and it is hoped he/she will be in post from September.

“In the meantime Paul Greenall and I are continuing to work closely with the local authority to provide effective leadership for the staff.”

Another member of staff has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.