Students are A class above!

Rainford High - GCSE students celebrating
Rainford High - GCSE students celebrating

Four students at Rainford High Technology College achieved a staggering nine A*s each.

Millie Prime, Annabell Harman, Lucy Harrison and Georgia Hemingway all achieved the incredible feat.

Among the other exceptionally high achievers were Anna Considine, Adam Causey, sisters Olivia, Angharad and Natasha Powell and Ffion Brown.

Anna, Angharad and Natasha each achieved eight A*s, Adam and Ffion seven and Olivia six.

Principal Ian Young said: “These results are a testament to the teachers but more importantly the young people’s hard work, talent and commitment. School is all about achieving success and I am pleased that at Rainford we continue to support our young people in achieving their dreams and ambitions.

“As with most things in life there has been a massive team effort by students, school and parents and this is an excellent outcome for all involved.

“This set of results, alongside a strong set of A-level results, lay the foundation for the school to continue to improve next year and provide a first class education for all students.”