Puzzled by guinea fowl spot

Mystery still surrounds the guinea fowl snapped roaming around a St Helens cul de sac by an eagle-eyed Reporter reader.

Jean Martin, 63, told how the bird had started trotting up and down Clover Hey in Haresfinch – even making a clicking noise in the mornings – and seemed keen to stick around.

Numerous readers then came forward with their idea of where the bird

had escaped from.

Among the suggestions was that it had come from a farm on the other side of the East Lancs Road.

Jim Marsh, of Green Leach Lane, even told how the guinea fowl, which his family named "Henry", had spent a year sleeping on his garage roof before mysteriously trotting off one morning earlier this year.

But one reader was adamant that the guinea fowl had escaped from her yard just as it was about to have its feathers clipped ... two years ago!

Francis Welsby, 57, of Furness Avenue, Windlehurst, said: "We had nine guinea fowl in total – six male and three female – and were just about to clip this one's feathers to stop him from flying around when he escaped. We had bought them all as chicks thinking they were quail!

"He'd be about two-and-a-half years old now and he's the one that got away. We feared he might have tried to cross the East Lancs but he's obviously still around. We've been out looking for him five times since reading the story in the Reporter but have had no joy. There's not much more we can do now, unless somebody else spots him."

Mrs Welsby added: "We don't keep any guinea fowl now – only turtle doves and chickens – but if we found him we would keep him.

''You'd need a big blanket and a bit of luck to catch him though.

''They're very quick when they want to be!"