Comment: Primodos answers needed

Thousands of women in St Helens and the surrounding area are likely to have been prescribed Primodos for the best part of a decade.

Some of those parents whose children were born with awful disabilities and deformities undoubtedly believe that it was down to the drug and the evidence in the face of it suggests there may be some link while the drug company deny all their claims.

What is certain is that there were cover ups of some sort during initial attempts to investigate links between these children and Primodos.

Now there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel for campaigners such as Marie Lyon given that all documents are to be released from the archives at the bequest of the Prime Minister David Cameron. Justice may finally be done from Marie’s point of view and transparency is needed.

What is know is that concerns were raised long before Primodos was taken off the market and doctors unknowingly prescribed it for many years to come without realising that there may be a link to children born with disabilities and deformities.

All parents who had children after taking primodos need to know the truth whether their children were affected or not and this should be the first step on the road to finding out what really happened all those years ago.