Mystery ‘bus stop’ removed

Bleak Hill bus stop row with Dorothy Steven and Valery Navarra where the new stop has been moved
Bleak Hill bus stop row with Dorothy Steven and Valery Navarra where the new stop has been moved
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A MUM-of-two was left stunned when a “bus stop” she had campaigned to have installed was removed by transport chiefs just two days later.

But Merseytravel bosses say a bus stop was never installed along Bleak Hill Road in Eccleston - insisting it was actually an information pole to canvas local opinion.

Valery Navarra, 44, says scores of residents would benefit from an extra bus stop being introduced near the junction with Gunning Avenue.

She said: “When I first moved here there was a bus stop near the corner of Gunning Avenue and Bleak Hill Road - so I don’t see why there shouldn’t be now.

“Without the extra stop, there’s a distance of about half a mile between stops and many people have to walk even further than that just to catch a bus into town. My daughter, who’s 16, sometimes has to walk all that way home on her own because I have mobility problems.

“I was elated when I thought the stop had been installed, so I was shocked when I found out it had been removed just two days later.”

Ms Navarra, who is now putting up posters in the area to canvas support for the extra stop, added: “There are a lot of elderly people living around here too. This is not just for me - it would help everyone around here to get about.”

A Merseytravel spokesman said: “This was not a bus stop, but in fact an information pole seeking the views of residents in regards to the possible future introduction of a bus stop.

“The information pole was incorrectly positioned, and strong opposition was received to the proposal from residents, so rather than reposition the consultation pole in the correct position, it was decided to remove it entirely.

“Merseytravel are currently looking to see whether there might be an alternative location for a bus stop nearby, but this is a difficult process.”