Cat shot with crossbow back home

Sandra and Mike Grogan, Bracewell Close, Sutton with their cat Spike who was shot through the mouth with a crossbow bolt
Sandra and Mike Grogan, Bracewell Close, Sutton with their cat Spike who was shot through the mouth with a crossbow bolt

RELIEVED cat-lover Sandra Grogan has hailed the return home of her eight-year-old tom Spike after he was shot in the face with a crossbow.

Mrs Grogan, 51, says she still can’t believe that defenceless Spike survived after a 12-inch crossbow bolt was blasted into his face, narrowly missing his brain and several major arteries.

But she has also told of her agony at seeing her beloved cat - who she describes as “king of the castle” in her household - undergo four hours of nail-biting emergency surgery.

Mrs Grogan, who bought Spike from a rescue centre when he was just eight-weeks-old, told the Reporter: “Spike had been in one of the neighbours houses having some lunch before leaving and then coming back 15 minutes later with a crossbow bolt embedded in his face.

“He then ran off because he was so frightened and only reappeared after the police and RSPCA joined me and all the neighbours to track him down in a neighbour’s garden. The bolt was still stuck in his head - I was mortified to see him in that state and panic set in.

“The RSPCA took him straight to Alder Hey Veterinary Hospital for emergency treatment and they had to decide how to remove the 12-inch bolt without causing any further damage.

“It’s a miracle that it missed every major artery and just missed his brain.”

Although delighted that Spike is now being nursed back at home, Mrs Grogan, of Bracewell Close, Sutton, says he is still in pain and faces a “long term battle” back to health.

She added: “Spike was kept in the hospital to undergo a course of antibiotics, painkillers and intravenous fluids to aid his recuperation and suffered a lot of swelling in his jaw, which still hasn’t gone down. He’s going to be on painkillers and anti-inflammatories for quite a while.

“The vets couldn’t believe he survived the initial shock and pulled through the surgery. Spike’s always been like the boss of the family and our dogs and other three other cats couldn’t wait to have him back ruling the roost again.

“But I can’t believe there is no law governing the use of these weapons in this country. Whoever did this must be totally mindless and irresponsible. Imagine if the bolt had hit a child.”

Police arrested a 39-year-old Sutton man in connection with the incident last Thursday lunch time (June 9) - less than 48 hours after Spike was shot.

Officers also seized an airweapon with a bolt firing mechanism for examination.

The suspect has since been released on police bail pending further inquiries.