Babyface thug given ASBO

A teenager from St Helens who has been making his neighbours' lives a misery has been handed a two-year ASBO.

Thirteen-year-old Stephen Donohue, of Sutton Heath, was handed a strict anti-social behaviour order by St Helens Magistrates last week.

Among the conditions of the order is that Donohue must not cause or encourage others to cause harassment, alarm or distress to anyone in St Helens.

He must also not light fires, or assist other to light fires, except on Bonfire Night celebrations with an adult member of the family - or be in possession of lighters or matches in a public place.

Donohue was told he must not be in a public place with 13 named individuals, throw objects at people, vehicles or properties, climb on roofs, or enter any private without the express permission of the owner.

If he breaks any of these conditions without a reasonable excuse, he will be liable on conviction to a term of imprisonment, not exceeding five years, a fine, or both.

Neighbourhood Inspector Tim Kelly said: "Over recent months the lives of the Sutton Heath residents have been blighted by the actions of Stephen Donoghue and his friends.

"We have listened to the residents' concerns and have been working closely with St Helens Anti Social behaviour Unit to successfully obtain this Anti-Social Behaviour Order for Stephen, and also Acceptable Behaviour Contracts to 11 of his friends."

Councillor Teresa Sims added: "The use of ASBOs and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts are vital tools at our disposal to address those people who blight the lives our residents. We will continue to work with Merseyside Police and others to target those in this way."